Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas day

Basketball ball on Christmas day Lakers vs Heat thunder vs nuggets celtics vs magic warriors vs trailblazers. alright my picks are lakers over heat because Lebron, Chris, and wade is not a good team. Now Gasol, Kobe, and artest are a good team. plus lakers have to many little guys. nuggets over thunder billups and Carmelo one good team thunder is OK but not good defense. magic over The Celtics is not a crazy team but magic is on a role . warriors over thunder people is hurt plus Brandon Roy and warriors have a shot at the game.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi, I'm Bailey

Hey! I am Bailey! I am a big Phoenix Suns fan and a humongous Steve Nash fan. What a great passer. Here's the thing though. I write a lot. I don't point things at people like Gilbert Arenas. I don't party or say stupid stuff like that like Artest. My brother has an awesome football blog called the Pigeon Toe (starring Josh Wack, Neil Tillman my favorite Carlos Sandoval my brother).

The Lights Out Shooter gets a new (little) writer

In case you guys haven't noticed, this blog has gone to hell lately. Posts aren't made regularly and I -- since this is a one-man show -- have let the NBA news slip through my fingers.

Which is why I decided to bring someone else on board -- my younger (way younger) brother. His name? Bailey. I'm not about to link you to more information about the little guy because 1) he's way underaged, 2) he's my little brother and 3) he doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter. (Thank goodness.)

He'll be introducing himself a little later. From now on, Bailey's going to be running this ship. Meanwhile, I'll be down working with my crew at The Pigeon Toe, which is an awesome NFL blog. Until then, enjoy this youngster's analysis on the NBA through his eyes -- his little elementary-school eyes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don’t be sad, Gilbert Arenas

cheerupgilbert[1] Its hard being a basketball player sometimes. Its even harder when you’re a basketball player that was a superstar, and then was injured, and then was busted for pointing guns at people (momma always said never to point things at people), and then was suspended because of his gun-wielding and then came back only to find that your superstar status on your team was taken from you by a rookie.

And in case you didn’t know, that would be Gilbert Arenas’ story. Its tough to swallow, for sure.

But usually, you’re supposed to be able to bounce back from these kind of things. Or at least try. Gilbert hasn’t done either. From

"Teach John (Wall) the ins and outs of the game and then eventually go on and move on, and I'm on my way,'' Arenas said after playing with the point guard and No. 1 draft pick Wall for the first time in a 97-94 preseason win over Dallas at the American Airlines Center.
Wait a minute. Move on? What does that mean?

"I mean, this is the NBA,'' said Arenas, speaking for eight minutes after the game and for the first time since barely talking to reporters for three minutes at the team's Sept. 27 media day. "There's few players that stay in the same city. Right now, the city is John's. I'm not here to fight anybody. I'm here to just play alongside him. He's Batman and I'm Robin. When I came (to Washington in the summer of 2003), Larry (Hughes) moved aside for me to become a star and I'm moving aside so he can become a star.''

That’s tough to even read, you guys. Gilbert Arenas was once one of the most charismatic and special players in the NBA. He had a Dwight Howard-type of thing going, with his always-upbeat attitude.

But now, we’re seeing a completely different Gilbert Arenas. To paraphrase, Gilbert Arenas said he hates basketball, is giving up being a great player to let John Wall shine and plans to leave the Wizards at some point.

Now, we’ve seen this guy, this guy, that dude and that other person all bash Gilbert Arenas. However, I’m not sure Gilbert is understood at all.

What Gilbert Arenas is displaying in his second chance with the Washington Wizards is that he needs attention. And not the “oh look at me, feel really bad for me while I still make millions of dollars as a second fiddle” kind of attention. But just that “It’s okay, Gilbert” sort of support.

It’s true that Gilbert Arenas has done some questionable stuff. He is (probably) only human, after all. He’s made stupid mistakes and he has said some stupid stuff. But is that enough to have to be depressed?

It could be.

Gilbert Arenas is the kind of guy that loves to love and be loved. He loved the game of basketball and he loved playing for the Washington Wizards, even if they were a really crappy team during his prime in D.C.

But here he is, talking about “moving on” once he has helped John Wall get going. He says he has “lost all feeling,” and that is something you hear that should alarming coming from a guy as rowdy and light-hearted as Arenas.

Yet, sportswriters across the globe are talking about his behavior as attention-seeking and self-pitiful. Come on, guys. The dude is suffering from something. You can’t pull off a charade like this for this long.

This is what needs to happen: Gilbert Arenas needs support. He needs a boost to get him going again, because if he keeps slipping into this type of depressive mood he is in right now, things won’t end pretty. The very best that will come out of it is that we will see one of the more entertaining players retire quicker than expected. The very worst? The worst you can expect from someone when they are battling depression.

I, personally, cannot stand seeing Gilbert like this. And not because I’m on an apparent first-name basis with him (which I’m not), but because, like him or not, he’s fun to watch.

And for him to not even crack a smile in front of the media? That’s very alarming and very not-cool.

This NBA season will have some of the ‘greatest basketball ever said,” says David Stern

David Stern always seems like that kind of guy that you just want to punch right in the ovaries.

And while he's usually a guy you try not to listen to, this might be one of the few times he might actually be right. From the Associated Press:

Stern says, "We're going to have, really, our most successful season. I don't think it's good guys and bad guys. I think you're going to be getting to see some of the greatest basketball ever played."

Finally, David Stern. We were getting sick of you complaining about players for awhile, now.

Either way, I’m going to have to (reluctantly) agree with David Stern here. This NBA season could include some of the greatest basketball season ever played. And not just because the Three Musketeers (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh) are supposed to be good, but because the Lakers are still in their prime, the Celtics have gotten better, the Orlando Magic are the Orlando Magic and the Hawks still have Joe Johnson (insert eye-roll here).

We should see quite the awesome season, you guys. And competition will be flying everywhere, like a loose booger.

If this NBA season sucks, however, we can point the finger at David Stern and his ovaries.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phil Jackson thinks the Lakers are "behind on the eight ball"

You know how crazy things can get in Los Angeles. When we're talking parties, people in L.A. don't mess around.

And while the Lakers aren't in Los Angeles right now, they're bringing the Hollywood to Barcelona. From
So far, the team has gotten the promotion part of the trip down pat. They're still waiting for the basketball part to kick in.
"We're doing pretty good in the NBA Cares clinics, we're not doing so great with our own practices," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said after the team's practice at the Palau St. Jordi on Wednesday. "Five guys missed the team bus this morning. I'd blame Pau [Gasol] for that but we won't hold it against him. He took them out last night and showed them some of the sights in Barcelona. So, we got a little bit behind the eight ball, I think, on this trip."
Blame Pau Gasol. Typical Phil Jackson, blaming those Spaniards. Sure, he took the Lakers' squad to go out and party late at night before practice, but it isn't like Pau is holding guns to anyone's heads or anything.

Either way, Hollywood is as Hollywood does, guys. I'm not so sure about Phil Jackson being upset. How do we know he didn't party hard in Barcelona either? We don't, so for now, we'll assume he has.

Oh well. At least we now know Pau Gasol likes to party, too. With those post-game interviews, you would think he'd rather be in his hotel room, listening to Los Tigres del Norte. Such great tunes, guys.

Friday, October 1, 2010

NBA Blog-World Alert: Trey Kerby is leaving BDL

Now, many people have noticed that I'm pretty decent with writing. I'm usually pretty modest, but I have to admit that I get a lot of praise for being entertaining with my apparently-awesome skills.

And while people praise me for my work, I don't get a big head. There's a reason for that, people. That reason is that I've learned and studied the best. If you ask anyone, I model my style of writing after three great writers: Jim Murray, Jason Whitlock and Trey Kerby.

Which is a great transition into the topic of the day: Trey Kerby is leaving Yahoo! Sports' NBA blog, Ball Don't Lie.

Now, I have been a huge follower of his since The Blowtorch. I've followed him around from the Fourth-Place Medal, to his swag rankings on BDL, all the way to his arrival (and departure) as editor of Ball Don't Lie.

Is this creepy? Probably. But I'll stick to my guns and say that Trey Kerby has had the biggest influence on my style of writing as well as my views on the NBA and the world that surrounds it. And I say all of this without shame.

Now, Trey Kerby didn't disappear, mind you. Rather, he's going to work with The Basketball Jones. Sounds familiar, since his predecessor, J.E. Skeets, did the same exact thing.

Yet, this departure is far too disheartening for me. I know that the guys remaining at BDL will do a fine job, but I'm going to miss Trey Kerby, in a very not-creepy sort of way. His crazy analysis of NBA news is oftentimes the most hilarious part of my day, and that is saying something if you have ever lived my life.

All I can say now is that I'll miss Trey Kerby writing for BDL. I'll definitely keep tuned in to the Basketball Jones, but it just won't be the same.

Anyway, good luck Trey Kerby. Hopefully, Kelly Dwyer can hold the fort.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don’t let Joakim Noah go, Bulls

Trades can be pretty bad, depending on who you ask, especially if you’re asking an old Grizzlies’ fan. 

And with the talk of Carmelo Anthony leaving Denver and possibly going to the Bulls, there aren’t many options for Chicago that doesn’t include young center Joakim Noah.

In fact, there’s probably no options whatsoever.

Having said that, let me first say this: We will see that the Bulls’ organization is very 12-year-old boy-ish should they even consider this option. They can’t have a complete basketball-erection at the hearing of the possibility that ‘Melo could join Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer. That’s just stupid (and gross).

Joakim Noah will most likely be the second best (if not, the best) Chicago Bull next season. Although the addition of Carlos Boozer will be a huge asset, he won’t do what Noah does, which is being an inside presence, something that’s pretty much a requirement thanks to the Lakers’ bigs.

Get rid of Noah, and what are you left with? Pretty much a solid team at every position with the exception of the most important one.

Without Noah, Derrick Rose doesn’t have the freedom to drive inside the paint that he normally would, Carlos Boozer can’t shoot mid-rangers comfortably, Kyle Korver can’t shoot threes without his rebounding machine and Chicago fans would cry.

But go ahead, Bulls. Get rid of Joakim Noah. He’s got too much potential. Have your basketball-orgasm and run away with Carmelo.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Hiatus

I'm going to go ahead and evaluate performance of this blog a little bit. First, I'd like to say that I'm surprised by how many people have been visiting. After just two weeks, this beloved NBA blog, Lights Out Shooter, was ranked on Google, and there was a consistent solid number of readers per day. Average time on the blog is pretty awesome, too.

The suck-ish part of all this is that I never have time to post. I'm a one-man team on this one-man NBA blog, and this one-man team just happens to be a college student. You know what they say: Sleep, school, and a social life. Pick two of the three.

Well, for now, I'm going on a small haitus to concentrate on school. I'm gunning for Trey Kerby's position, so I'm going to need some good credentials.

Anyway, thanks for your guys' support. You can always holla' atcha' boy at if you want to help contribute to this NBA blog.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baron Davis is telling Monta Ellis a secret

Baron Davis: Psst! Hey, Monta! Guess what, brotha'?
Monta' Ellis: Whatchu want, man?
Baron: Guess!
Monta': What the hell you want, bruh?
Baron: I'm playing in L.A.!
Monta: Yeah, for the weak-ass Clippers.
Baron: The owners tell us that if we make the playoffs, he's trading all of us.
Monta: Yeah, mine too.
Baron: That just means we don't get to work as long as Kobe does.
Monta: Yeah, man. I ain't about to play more than what my contract is asking me to.
Baron: I know. I feel for KB, you know? He has to play for an extra month. That's some bullshit.
Monta: Yeah..
Baron: A'ight, man. I'll hitchu up later. Probably when my "injury time" is.
Monta: Injury time?
Baron: Yeah, the owner tells us we have to sit out for at least a few months with an injury. He wants to make sure we don't work too hard.
Monta: Lucky..

Carmelo Anthony is thinking about where he wants to go

Carmelo Anthony: Dude, I'm so good you know? I'm like the baddest-ass player ever. I can hold this pose forever, and teams will still want me you know? I'm soooo good. You know? You know what I mean? I make teams hot and steamy, you know? I can shoot good and stuff.And I like tattoos. Everywhere. You know? I think I want to go to Miami.  Take my talents to South Beach. Could happen. They can use some help. A lot of it. You know what I mean? For serious. That's it. It's settled. I'm going to Miami. I can turn that team to a good one. They need me. I'm sooo good. You know?

The Original Rank-ster: Your NBA’s Top 10 Eastern Conference Teams

News around the NBA is pretty dead now that all the drama of the 2010 NBA offseason has been sorted out (kind of). So, for your entertainment, I’ve formulated this list of the NBA’s top 10 Eastern Conference teams for the 2010-2011 NBA season, in order of all-around awesomeness. That’s pretty nice of me, isn’t it?

Let me answer that for you: Yes, it is.

Hit the jump to check out the list.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard are going to be in a movie



Basketball-stars-turned-actors are a rarity nowadays. That's pretty shocking considering the large number of floppers in the NBA today.

But that's exactly what Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard are doing. They won't be ditching basketball by any means, but they sure are going to try their hands at being in movies. Take it away, Associated Press:

Denver's Carmelo Anthony and Orlando's Dwight Howard will star in a basketball film with an award-winning Chinese director titled "Amazing."

The NBA and Shanghai Film Group announced the joint production effort on Tuesday, calling it "the first NBA-themed motion picture outside of North America."

That’s pretty interesting and unique. First of all, there aren’t many NBA-themed motion pictures anywhere, period. Not unless you count movies like Space Jam and Like Mike, which were really bad.

Second of all, Carmelo and Dwight are taking a pretty big step here, I’d say. Not only is Carmelo Anthony having himself a bit of drama, but Dwight Howard is going to face some stark criticism from his pretty awful playoff performance this past May.

Making a movie in the midst of a lot of problems is totally the way to get more focused on your career,which is not acting.

Either way, let’s hope they do a good job. I have no idea what kind of movie this will be, but if it’s anything like Shaquille O’neal’s acting debut in Kazaam, I’m going to be pretty pissed off.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thunders’ Nenad Krstic uses chair against ‘half-naked Greek’

 I’m not a big fan of brawls. I hate how such graceful basketball players turn into savage beasts, just because they didn’t get that ticky-tack foul they were looking for.

Actually, I’m lying. I love to see a good brawl. And who doesn’t, besides that stickler, David Stern?
So for those like me who love to see dudes go absolutely insane on each other, Nenad Krstic decided to entertain us a bit. Check out the video:

That’s insane. Not only did Krstic manage to run away after looking to get in on some action, but he also threw a chair once he found out he was safe. Very clever, Nenad. Please, do it again. That’s totally the manliest thing you can do.

And while Krstic proved himself to be kind of a complete ass, his coach didn’t seem to think so. From the Associated Press:
[Serbian coach Dustin Ivkovic] said Krstic did not want to hurt Bouroussis with the chair.
"I believe he acted in self-defense and grabbed a chair after some half-naked (Greek) fans rushed into the court," Ivkovic said. "The chair fell from his hand and grazed Bouroussis."
OK, now I understand Krstic. Half-naked Greek fans began to rush him, so Nenad had to run away and throw a chair to fend them off. I don’t know about you, but I’m sticking with the fact that the coach’s tidbit is really bizarre-sounding.

Still, I’d be pretty scared if half-naked dudes came running at me. However, I wouldn’t be attempting to punch them in the first place. But that’s just me.

Well, at least Krstic isn’t taking full responsibility for his actions:
"I don't know the rules, but I hope I won't be punished," he said. "An (act of) stupidity was committed, and I hope they will not punish us. The Greeks started the brawl, there were no guards and the (Greek) fans entered the court ... If they punish me, they must do it to others as well."
Oh, the classic, “He started it, not me!” plea. Save it Krstic. Those half-naked Greeks were just being friendly, and you had to go and throw a chair at them. You make me sick.
Oh well. Last time I ever ponder taking off most of my clothes while rushing at another man.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Delonte West loves guns

10 May 2008: DeLonte West # 13 of the Cavaliers  in a second round NBA Basketball playoff game won 108-84, by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Boston Celtics. Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at the Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH. 

It seems like basketball players nowadays, just have to be packing (guns, that is). You never know what might happen when you’re a free agent who probably won’t get picked up in the off-season. Gloria James might sneak up on you.

And when you’re a guy on the run like Delonte West, you have to have protection. I don’t care if you’re over 6 feet tall, and are in really, really good shape (ladies, close your eyes). Things happen.

Apparently, the fuzz didn’t care too much about West’s safety. NBA reports that Delonte West got in some trouble with the law for carrying that extra protection. From

Delonte West, who played last season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been suspended without pay for ten games for pleading guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and wearing, carrying, and transporting a handgun, in violation of the law of the State of Maryland, the NBA announced today.

Oh, I see now. It was Maryland. Well, Delonte, big slap on the wrist. You should know better than to bring a hand gun to Maryland. That’s like bringing lubricant over to LeBron’s mom’s house; it’s not needed. (Okay, I’ll stop.)

Seriously, though. Delonte West isn’t much of a big deal. He’s just another tagged down ball-player, looking to shoot for more attention. (Lame pun, I know.)

Oh well. Let’s hope LeBron’s mom puts Delonte West in the corner before giving him his daily dose of Gloria. Maybe then will he learn his lesson.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Udonis Haslem smokes pot

Udonis Haslem is picking up the Miami Heat's "mean villain" persona. Or maybe he just wants to have fun.

Either way, Udonis Haslem was caught smoking marijuana, and for a bunch of other things. Here's the report from the Miami-Dade:

Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem was charged Sunday with marijuana possession, speeding -- and, for good measure, having illegal window tinting, the Florida Highway Patrol said.
The incident began as a traffic stop shortly after 3 p.m. on the Gratigny Parkway between Northwest 42nd and 57th avenues in Miami-Dade, said FHP spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky.
Those darn tinted windows will get you, trust me. The fact that Udonis Haslem can smoke pot, speed, and keep his windows tinted should be praised. That's a lot of multi-tasking.

And while it's not exactly the best image look for the Udo-Has, it fits in with what Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh are trying to do in Miami.

Intentional or not, we'll be seeing Udonis Haslem's "talents" be taken to jail, most likely, for a little while.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charles Barkley says LeBron makes ‘punk moves’

We all have that lovable, loud-mouthed uncle, that isn't afraid to speak their mind. For the NBA, Charles Barkley is that uncle.

And while there are quite a few times where Sir Charles should kind of just stay quiet, his recent comments could not have been more warranted. Take a look at what Charles Barkley told ESPN's Mike Greenberg on his radio show: 

“I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that (list). I thought that his little one-hour special was a punk move.”

That’s pretty straight-forward, Charles. And of course, the Bark-ster is referring to the list that LeBron tweeted about a few days ago:

“Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!”

Powerful stuff, LeBron. Make sure you take mental notes of how not to play in the conference semi-finals, too. A lot of lessons can be learned from that fiasco.

Seriously, though. I don’t get why LeBron is so upset about all these people “taking shots at him.” I mean, that’s exactly why he left Cleveland; he wanted the least amount of responsibility possible. Now he has to take responsibility for his actions? Why, oh why, can’t people leave LeBron alone?

Oh well. At least LeBron has his Twitter account he can vent to. However, I would suggest talking to Ron Artest’s psychiatrist. Apparently, she can do wonders.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The NBA Hall of Fame: What Jordan and Pippen were really saying

The Hall of Fame was pretty fun to watch last night. We saw a ridiculously emotional Karl Malone, who delivered one of the most heart-felt speeches for an NBA Hall of Fame inductee player. We also saw Scottie Pippen basically read his script out loud. Who gave him that script, anyway?

Well, I think I have a good idea as to who wrote the speech for him. Let's take a look at this picture:

Well, this is pretty tell-all, don't you think? Here's what the dialogue would have been if they were to speak their minds:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Video: Scottie Pippen is in the Hall of Fame

On the night that saw Karl Malone gave a powerful speech during his NBA Hall of Fame induction, one-half of his arch-nemesis was inducted, too.

That's right. Scottie Pippen is a Hall of Famer, just one year after his partner, Michael Jordan, was inducted. It's only fitting that Scottie comes second, I guess.

And while Karl Malone's speech was heart-felt and sincere, Scottie's was a bit more scripted. Take a look:


Well, there's a few things wrong with this speech. For one, we find out that Scottie Pippen can't read too well. (MJ, you have touch so many people lives, but none lot laak minez.)

We also find out that Scottie Pippen is still going through financial hardship. Thanks to deductive reasoning, we realize that his "thank you" to Nike was an advertisement plug-in. To do that during his Hall of Fame speech shows us that Scottie could use an extra buck or two. Or a million.

Either way, Scottie deserves to have his Hall of Fame moment (even if Nike did pay him a little cash). He's considered one of the best defenders in the history of the NBA, and he refused to ruin Karl Malone's night by saying "Hey, Karl. Look at my ring. Are you looking? KARL?! LOOK AT MY RING!"

Video: Karl Malone is now in the Hall of Fame

 We pretty much knew Karl Malone was going into the Hall of Fame the minute he was eligible. Heck, he, himself, knew he was going to get into the NBA Hall of Fame when he was eligible.

But that didn't stop that rough-nosed, thick-skinned, soft-hearted "Mailman" from delivering a well-executed speech. Check it out:

That's powerful stuff. This kind of makes Michael Jordan's speech look arrogant and rude. (Oh, wait.)

And while we knew Karl Malone was a big softy, we never thought he'd almost bring viewers to tears. That includes me, people.

It makes you feel bad for him, but also kind of good at the same time. Bad that he never won a title, despite being ridiculously close. And good because he got into the most prestigious club in basketball, while getting to thank his mom in front of millions.

I don't know about Karl, but that's good enough for me. Boy, if only Scottie Pippen, the guy who helped prevent Malone from getting a title, wasn't getting inducted the same day.

5 things that should happen in the NBA in the 2010-2011 season

Last year was a pretty awesome year for the NBA and its fans. We got to see another 50-win cutoff for the Western Conference playoffs, four elite teams in the Eastern Conference duke it out, and 7 NBA Finals' games. That's pretty awesome.

However, who said that the NBA has done its job?

Not me. And I'm the one they should listen to the most. That is, if they want success.

Either way, there's plenty of improvements that the NBA can make for its upcoming season filled with bad guys and last-stand champions.

Without further ado, here are the 5 things the NBA can do to improve on a great season.

1. Allow for more instant replay: The league managed to do something right in terms of calling games, and that's giving opportunities for instant replay to come into play. That's cool, but who says we have to stop at using instant replay for just out-of-bounds calls? If the league wants to avoid more turmoil in larger games, they should begin reviewing shot-clock violations and air-balls. Quite a few times did fans get upset when their team was called for shot-clock violations, and the ball clearly hit the rim while the clock hit zero.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh want to be villains just like LeBron

It's pretty cool being a bad guy. First, you get to wear the color black in any setting, which is like, the coolest color ever. Second, you don't need to follow morals, and you don't have to listen to what anyone says. Sounds like the greatest job on the planet.

It seems like the Miami Trice seem to think so, too. Not only did Dwyane Wade say that opponents should "thank [them]" for selling out home crowds when the Heat come to town, but now Chris Bosh is joining the fad, too, reported the New York Daily News:

Chris Bosh said Wednesday that he was "playing with people's emotions" in the days and weeks before he made his decision to join the Miami Heat.
"If you think about how many times somebody asks you, 'How are you,' that's how many times I was asked, 'Where you going?" said Bosh. "So it's like, well, in my case, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm going to play with people's emotions. I'm going to be high and low."
Are you trying to tell me that Chris Bosh is, once again, following a crowd? What a big surprise. And I mean that in the most sincerest form of sarcasm possible. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Joakim Noah doesn't want to be a distraction

It's pretty rare when you get a guy like Kevin Durant. He's quiet, humble, and is willing to commit to a team, and his team, specifically.

But now it looks like there's a trend. The Record-Courier is reporting that Joakim Noah is looking for a long-term contract extension.
The Chicago Bulls clearly consider the forward as one of their core players for the future after refusing to include him in any deal this off-season when teams came asking about him.
Now Noah sees himself remaining a Bull for a long time, wanting to sign a long-term deal with the team according to a report by ESPN. Noah reportedly hopes to have a deal done as soon as before the season starts in October.
That's pretty awesome. Joakim Noah doesn't want to be the guy that the Chicago Bulls' have to worry about the next summer. Unlike a certain someone, who decided to be a distraction in the biggest way possible. 

Anyway, let's hope that next summer isn't as dramatic as this one was. Joakim Noah wants to make sure of that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Can someone please hire Allen Iverson?

You’d think an 11-time All-Star, 3-time NBA scoring champion, and former league MVP would have teams lined up to sign him when he became a free agent.

Turns out, there’s no team interested in Allen “The Answer” Iverson.

Well, that kind of sucks. I agree that A.I. has a style of play that’s tough to work around. And sure, he’s got a bit of a fiery attitude. But he’s Allen Iverson, for goodness’ sakes.

Now, I don’t think the dude deserves a huge contract. I don’t even think he deserves a contract longer than a year, or more expensive than the veteran’s minimum. Just give this guy a chance to end his career correctly.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New NBA Blog, "Lights-Out Shooter" Intro

It's pretty hard to forget the importance of basketball fanatics. Without us, the world would suck.

We're pretty darn hardcore. So hardcore, that we're willing to create a blog, just to display our hardcore-ness.

And because we're so hardcore, we promise to keep you updated on our opinions of what's going on in today's NBA world. Not that you care right now. However, my guess is that you will eventually.

First off, a little background: This blog was inspired by a previous blog of mine, that I kind of wish I had started over.

I built a decent blog for a guy who had no idea what he was doing, way back when (wasn't this only like, two years ago?).

But now, it's time to build a monster. Whether you like it or not. And hopefully you'll learn to love "The Shooter" or you'll learn to hate it with all your guts. Either way, we have your attention.

Thanks for listening, people. You'll hear a lot more where that came from