Friday, August 13, 2010

5 things that should happen in the NBA in the 2010-2011 season

Last year was a pretty awesome year for the NBA and its fans. We got to see another 50-win cutoff for the Western Conference playoffs, four elite teams in the Eastern Conference duke it out, and 7 NBA Finals' games. That's pretty awesome.

However, who said that the NBA has done its job?

Not me. And I'm the one they should listen to the most. That is, if they want success.

Either way, there's plenty of improvements that the NBA can make for its upcoming season filled with bad guys and last-stand champions.

Without further ado, here are the 5 things the NBA can do to improve on a great season.

1. Allow for more instant replay: The league managed to do something right in terms of calling games, and that's giving opportunities for instant replay to come into play. That's cool, but who says we have to stop at using instant replay for just out-of-bounds calls? If the league wants to avoid more turmoil in larger games, they should begin reviewing shot-clock violations and air-balls. Quite a few times did fans get upset when their team was called for shot-clock violations, and the ball clearly hit the rim while the clock hit zero.

2. Keep Tim Donaghy quiet: No one should pay attention to cheaters. But sadly, people are negative. Tim Donaghy's Facebook account was getting flooded. And not by other people, but by him. He consistently manages to gather a group of NBA-haterz on Facebook to undermine the league. Way to go, Tim.

3. Fire David Stern: I've been waiting for this guy to either kick the bucket, retire, or get indicted. Not only is he a major stickler, but he also refuses to let a team go to Las Vegas, for basically no reason. Please, David, just go away.

4. Televise NBA games nightly: While there's a lot of games on national television, there could be way more. If there were a game on ESPN per night, the revenue for the league could shoot up, considering basketball's gaining back a lot of popularity, thanks in part to increased competition.

5. Let the Miami Heat be the bad guys: The NBA doesn't have to do much here. The Heat players are already establishing themselves as total douche-bags. Just let 'em ride. The NBA needs a villain, other than the Lakers, who are pretty boring villains since they don't say anything that could get them in trouble.

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