Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi, I'm Bailey

Hey! I am Bailey! I am a big Phoenix Suns fan and a humongous Steve Nash fan. What a great passer. Here's the thing though. I write a lot. I don't point things at people like Gilbert Arenas. I don't party or say stupid stuff like that like Artest. My brother has an awesome football blog called the Pigeon Toe (starring Josh Wack, Neil Tillman my favorite Carlos Sandoval my brother).

The Lights Out Shooter gets a new (little) writer

In case you guys haven't noticed, this blog has gone to hell lately. Posts aren't made regularly and I -- since this is a one-man show -- have let the NBA news slip through my fingers.

Which is why I decided to bring someone else on board -- my younger (way younger) brother. His name? Bailey. I'm not about to link you to more information about the little guy because 1) he's way underaged, 2) he's my little brother and 3) he doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter. (Thank goodness.)

He'll be introducing himself a little later. From now on, Bailey's going to be running this ship. Meanwhile, I'll be down working with my crew at The Pigeon Toe, which is an awesome NFL blog. Until then, enjoy this youngster's analysis on the NBA through his eyes -- his little elementary-school eyes.