Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dwight Howard

A reporter asked ''When you are a Free Agent will you think about the Miami Heat." Dwight Replied "NEVER.'' Well what are you gone a do?'' asked a reporter Dwight said "I don't know what to do right now, but relax and enjoy I am young and do the stuff I always wanted and explore.

Dwight has been saying he wants to be a laker and said if anybody wants to play with it would be Kobe Bryant. People has been saying in comments good the Big 3 will not be a big 4. What will Dwight do now that he dislikes heat, but now he is interested in the Chicago Bulls with MVP derrick Rose.

Will there be a big trade big trade Dwight Howard and Jason Richardson for Loul Deng and Carlos Boozer. I don't like but it makes a lot of sense Chicago needs great center and let Noah play Power Forward. Have a back up Small Forward see if Korver can take over a role You have Jason Richardson at shooting Guard. Plus your MVP Derick Rose.

For Magic You have Your Carlos Boozer who you should put at center trade. For Power Forward you have Brandon Bass. At small Forward it is Loul also know as ball. At your shooting Guard you have J.J Redick who shots like a monster. As Point Guard You have 2 stars Nelson and Arenas.

Well, for the Orlando Magic you have to do something or the team is done look J.J Redick is a shooter. Dwight is a rebound guy as well for Brandon Bass. That is how centers and power forwards are suppose to be. What would the point guards be the passers not really they stink at that. Maybe the shooters Jemmer Nelson is. Not Arenas he lacks offense, Wait defense finally, but, Another year he will be at a different team. Then comes the Richardson double. Both great shooters but, the difference is Quentin is a deafens guy to. Jason not so much as a defender.

So What will Dwight do Be a Laker or Stay a mgic and never win a title?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The ESPYs was today and the best Male athlete was the NBA Finals MVP it was Dirk Nowitzki, Well why not LeBron James? He was the loser of the NBA Finals. Well why not nominated? It does bother me he was not nominated. Even though I hate LeBron James he is very good or great.

Well any ways the best Female athlete is Lindsey Vonn, The nominees are Kelly Clark, Lauren Jackson and Maya Moore.VCU, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
Blame over Zenyatta, Breeder's Cup Maya Moore should have won I seen her play and well she is a great athlete.

For best Champion performance Tim Thomas, Stanley Cup Finals. Nominees are Tim Lincecum, 2010 MLB Postseason Kemba Walker, Big East Tournament and Serena Williams, 2010 Wimbledon. What about Dirk and his clutch performances I double checked for the S.

For best breakthrough athlete Is Blake Griffin. Los Angeles Clippers Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays Arian Foster, Houston Texans Li Na, Tennis Cam Newton, Auburn Tiger. I can't disagree with that one so no comment.

For best the biggest upset is .VCU, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
Blame over Zenyatta, Breeder's Cup Fabricio Werdum stuns Fedor Emelianenko, MMA
Seahawks upset Saints, NFL Wild Card Playoffs. Well what about when Eagles beat giants at end of the game.

For the biggest game is Eagles rally to beat the Giants, NFL Auburn beats Alabama, Iron Bowl Butler upsets Pittsburgh, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Oklahoma City edges Memphis in 3OT, NBA Playoffs. Thunder vs Grizzles is better then that upset.

For best moment is Roy Halladay Postseason No-Hitter, MLB Fennville HS Basketball Team, High school basketball tournament run Trevor Bayne at Daytona 500, NASCAR. What about the 3 OT game.

For the best team is Dallas Mavericks Auburn Football Boston Bruins Green Bay Packers
San Francisco Giants Texas A&M Women's Basketball. Really they win the Finals and now the best team seriously.

For best performance under pressure is Arian Foster, Houston Texans DeAngelo Hall, Washington Leon Washington, Seattle. Even though I am not a Chargers fan Rivers is great under pressure.

For best sport movie is The Fighter, Secretariat ,Soul Surfer, Win Win. Wow now that is a good choice.

For best coach Rick Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks Jim Calhoun, Connecticut Basketball Gene Chizik, Auburn Football Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers Dom Starsia, Virginia Lacrosse. Really wow Phil Jackson is a better coach in the NBA history.

Best NFL player is Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Tom Brady, New England Arian Foster, Houston Clay Matthews Jr., Green Bay Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh. Wow Brett Farve can throw with more accuracy and decide his career ending decision.

Best Baseball player is Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Jose Bautista, Toronto Josh Hamilton, Texas Felix Hernandez, Seattle Joey Votto, Cincinnati.

Best Hockey player is Tim Thomas, Boston Corey Perry, Anaheim Daniel Sedin, Vancouver
Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay.

Best Driver is Jimmie Johnson Greg Anderson John Force Dario Franchitti.

For best Basketball player he is Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City LeBron James, Miami Derrick Rose, Chicago. Why him it is only because he was the Finals MVP. Derrick Rose deserved it more.

The WNBA best player award goes to Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Tamika Catchings, Indiana
Lauren Jackson, Seattle Cappie Pondexter, New York.

The best Boxer is Manny Pacquiao Bernard Hopkins Jon "Bones" Jones Sergio Martinez George St. Pierre. It would only be a fight with Gorge St. Pierre. I remember when Muhammad Ali won it. Never gone be the same.

The best Male Golfer is Rory McIlroy Luke Donald Jim Furyk Graeme McDowell Charl Schwartzel. It is not Tigger woods this is so weird.

Best Female Golfer Cristie Kerr Na Yeon Choi Jiyai Shin Yani Tseng.

For best male tennis player is Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic Roger Federer.

Best Female Tennis player is Serena Williams Kim Clijsters Li Na Caroline Wozniacki.

For best Male collage athlete Jimmer Fredette , BYU Basketball Andy Miele, Miami-Ohio Hockey Cam Newton, Auburn Football Rob Pannell, Cornell Lacrosse Kemba Walker, Connecticut Basketball. Well they forgot Kyrie Irving.

The best Female athlete is Maya Moore, Connecticut Basketball Blair Brown, Penn State Volleyball Dallas Escobedo, Arizona State Softball Melissa Henderson, Notre Dame Soccer
Katinka Hosszu, USC Swimming.

For best Male action sport athlete is Shaun White, Snowboarding Tucker Hibbert, Snowmobiling Travis Pastrana, Motocross Kevin Rolland, Freestyle Skiing Kelly Slater, Surfing. That was a obvious one Shaun White is like Tony Hawk.

Best Female action sport athlete is Stephanie Gilmore, Surfing Sarah Burke, Freestyle Skier Kelly Clark, Snowboarding Ashley Fiolek, Motocross.

For best Jockey it is John Velasquez Ramon Dominguez Garrett Gomez.

Best Male athlete is Anthony Robles Chris Devlin-Young Aaron Scheidies Jerome Singleton Steve Wampler.

Best Male athlete is Mallory Weggemann Allison Jones Tatyana McFadden Alana Nichols
Melissa Stockwell.

The best Bowler is Jason Belmonte Chris Barnes Mika Koivuneimi Bill O'Neill.

For the best MLS player is Landon Donovan, Los Angeles Edson Buddle, Los Angeles David Ferreira, Dallas Chris Wondolowski, San Jose.

Best Trake and Field athlete is Tyson Gay Allyson Felix David Oliver.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Andre Iguodala staying in 76ers?

Well from the talks of Andre Iguodala Leaving the Sixers. He is feeling there will be a very good chance of him staying another year. Does he like staying or would he like to go to Los Angeles Lakers for a even better chance of winning a title.

76ers should try to make a trade at least trade Elton Brand for somebody better or with more athleticism like Kevin love for Iguodala. I talked to former Lights Out Shooter Legend Carlos Sandoval.

I asked how do you feel that Iguodala Will not be traded? Carlos: Rumors should not happen Iguodala is very talented off the ball. So I'm glad Igoudala is staying with the Sixers And will be a huge part of defense. I asked should the Sixers keep the team? Carlos: It depends who they trade but he disagrees the trade with the Lakers Andre Igoudala for Lamar Odom. He thinks that Lakers don't need another Small Forward. I asked should the Sixers stay with team or trade. Carlos: He said trade for Offense.

So Will the Sixers ever be the same team if they trade or will there be a disaster. Who should they trade. Will the Jrue Holiday and Andre Igoudala need another man or two. What should happen to the sixers team. Should they trade for length or speed. Sixers team is young. Some people say young teams are never good then you look at Memphis Grizzles and say wow. When you look at sixers you see Memphis Grizzles.

What should they do trade for talent like Kevin Love. Trade for length like Marc Gasol. Or trade for speed like Westbrook (that will never happen). See there best thing to do is well trade. not Jrue Holiday. What will happen with the Sixers all I know is you need to play like it was your last.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yao Ming Retirement

Yao Ming Retired after 9 years in the pro. It was because of that ankle that was very hard to go threw. His career stats 19.0 points per game 9.2 rebounds a game 6.7 defensive rebounds. His best year the 07-08 season with 22.0 points per game 10.8 rebounds per game 7.7 defensive rebounds per game.

The one it benefits the most is Houston Rockets. What will they do now that Aaron Brooks left and Goran Dragic is the point guard and Luis Scola. With no superstar can't believe I'm saying this but that is a worse line up then suns traded Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson.

There is some blogs that say is Yao a Hall Of Famer. Well he did carry that team threw all the years, But never won a title or got to the Western conference finals. I think no, but he has a great state line for a 7,6 for height.

What will china think about the retirement for Yao Ming. Will the NBA have less viewers or will there be more viewers. China watches Basketball mostly because of Yao Ming.