Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dwight Howard

A reporter asked ''When you are a Free Agent will you think about the Miami Heat." Dwight Replied "NEVER.'' Well what are you gone a do?'' asked a reporter Dwight said "I don't know what to do right now, but relax and enjoy I am young and do the stuff I always wanted and explore.

Dwight has been saying he wants to be a laker and said if anybody wants to play with it would be Kobe Bryant. People has been saying in comments good the Big 3 will not be a big 4. What will Dwight do now that he dislikes heat, but now he is interested in the Chicago Bulls with MVP derrick Rose.

Will there be a big trade big trade Dwight Howard and Jason Richardson for Loul Deng and Carlos Boozer. I don't like but it makes a lot of sense Chicago needs great center and let Noah play Power Forward. Have a back up Small Forward see if Korver can take over a role You have Jason Richardson at shooting Guard. Plus your MVP Derick Rose.

For Magic You have Your Carlos Boozer who you should put at center trade. For Power Forward you have Brandon Bass. At small Forward it is Loul also know as ball. At your shooting Guard you have J.J Redick who shots like a monster. As Point Guard You have 2 stars Nelson and Arenas.

Well, for the Orlando Magic you have to do something or the team is done look J.J Redick is a shooter. Dwight is a rebound guy as well for Brandon Bass. That is how centers and power forwards are suppose to be. What would the point guards be the passers not really they stink at that. Maybe the shooters Jemmer Nelson is. Not Arenas he lacks offense, Wait defense finally, but, Another year he will be at a different team. Then comes the Richardson double. Both great shooters but, the difference is Quentin is a deafens guy to. Jason not so much as a defender.

So What will Dwight do Be a Laker or Stay a mgic and never win a title?

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