Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Andre Iguodala staying in 76ers?

Well from the talks of Andre Iguodala Leaving the Sixers. He is feeling there will be a very good chance of him staying another year. Does he like staying or would he like to go to Los Angeles Lakers for a even better chance of winning a title.

76ers should try to make a trade at least trade Elton Brand for somebody better or with more athleticism like Kevin love for Iguodala. I talked to former Lights Out Shooter Legend Carlos Sandoval.

I asked how do you feel that Iguodala Will not be traded? Carlos: Rumors should not happen Iguodala is very talented off the ball. So I'm glad Igoudala is staying with the Sixers And will be a huge part of defense. I asked should the Sixers keep the team? Carlos: It depends who they trade but he disagrees the trade with the Lakers Andre Igoudala for Lamar Odom. He thinks that Lakers don't need another Small Forward. I asked should the Sixers stay with team or trade. Carlos: He said trade for Offense.

So Will the Sixers ever be the same team if they trade or will there be a disaster. Who should they trade. Will the Jrue Holiday and Andre Igoudala need another man or two. What should happen to the sixers team. Should they trade for length or speed. Sixers team is young. Some people say young teams are never good then you look at Memphis Grizzles and say wow. When you look at sixers you see Memphis Grizzles.

What should they do trade for talent like Kevin Love. Trade for length like Marc Gasol. Or trade for speed like Westbrook (that will never happen). See there best thing to do is well trade. not Jrue Holiday. What will happen with the Sixers all I know is you need to play like it was your last.

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