Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yao Ming Retirement

Yao Ming Retired after 9 years in the pro. It was because of that ankle that was very hard to go threw. His career stats 19.0 points per game 9.2 rebounds a game 6.7 defensive rebounds. His best year the 07-08 season with 22.0 points per game 10.8 rebounds per game 7.7 defensive rebounds per game.

The one it benefits the most is Houston Rockets. What will they do now that Aaron Brooks left and Goran Dragic is the point guard and Luis Scola. With no superstar can't believe I'm saying this but that is a worse line up then suns traded Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson.

There is some blogs that say is Yao a Hall Of Famer. Well he did carry that team threw all the years, But never won a title or got to the Western conference finals. I think no, but he has a great state line for a 7,6 for height.

What will china think about the retirement for Yao Ming. Will the NBA have less viewers or will there be more viewers. China watches Basketball mostly because of Yao Ming.

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