Saturday, August 6, 2011


Michael Beasley is young and all but he always gets in trouble. Like busted for the drug marijuana. Then getting in to a fights at NBA which Matt Barnes And Micheal Beasley is like a dog fight I was hoping for more action but that does not even matter. He pushed a fan at a Exhibition game in New York.

Then Speaking of Matt Barnes he punched a player in the face. Who knows what the NBA is gonna do nothing what are the gonna do suspend him maybe fine him. Well in the times like when Ben Wallace vs Ron Artest fight that was Ron Artest hitting fans and trying to punch him badly. Then Ben Wallace tried to get him. Now there just fitting fans for no reason.

The times of the fights back the they try to bring back the old days when they hold Larry Bird to punch them. Like all these list of the old fights.

. Charles Barkley - Bill Laimbeer Brawl
Well Rick Mahorn deserved to be suspended or ejected. Charles Barkley and Bill Laimbeer are one of the greatest bad boys to live and we have seen some of those now Ron Artest Matt Barnes and Michal Beasley.

4. Walston - Sampson Fight
Sampson was a fighting a little guy then Walston took him down then blood appeared. Then Sampson was thrown out for a little bit when he was triple teamed.

3. Reggie Miller - Kobe Bryant fight
This time Kobe started it with the hard punching then went after Reggie Miller a great shooter.

2. Charles Barkley - Shaq fight
Nothing to say but how can a little guy take down a Shaq.

1. Ron Artest - Pistons Brawl
The reason I said Pistons instead of Wallace Because of the Pistons fans and players were fighting. Props to Ron .... Metta World Peace he took down all the Pistons Organization.

The people there are mostly retired there is new people coming in stupid Bad Boys then you have Beasley and Barnes.

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