Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Bee Clutch or Not to Be?

Let's talk about the clutch plays ever. As you Know Legendary Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Both great at clutch, But there rivals considered one of the greatest players. Next, Decade it was Micheal Jordan and Sir Charles. All four something in common clutch. now here are the top 5 Clutch players

5. Jerry West
A huge legend who all ways shot as Micheal Jordan and even played like him.

4. Magic Johnson
The main man in the Lakers then nothing to say.

. Reggie Miller
The man is a stud believe it or not he shot crazy good. One of the greatest guys to have at the time of clutch.

2. Kobe Bryant
Nothing to say really just easy Hall of Famer. One of the most clutch guy I've seen in the 2000-2011. Great player and great shooter wow it's fun just seeing him.

1. Micheal Jordan
That is easy to say in the 1900-1998 season he is that most greatest player to live. Not talking bad about Kobe is a great Hall of Famer and all, But easily to say Jordan is a better basketball player. Now Kobe has a little bit of more years in him.

Now time for the talk of greatest clutch play in history now there is a lot of them so the top 5 clutch plays.

. Reggie Miller Vs New York Knicks 8 points in 11 seconds
One of the greatest moments ever Reggie Miller is great he made a record that nobody will forget in history. Reggie is a fighter in clutch what is the greatest moments in the NBA. Reggie Miller 8 points in 11 seconds.

4. Paxson for Three and the NBA Finals
I'm not gone lie I hated that so Badly I still hate Jordan for that. Rex Champman deserved it way more. It's like me hating Ron dang it I mean Metta World Peace for that shot against Suns.

3. Bulls Vs Pacers Reggie for the three
Reggie is a great player Hall of Famer why not no Rings sad really. He should be one of the greatest Lights Out Shooter ever.

. Robert Horry clutch shot 2002 western Confrence Finals
The great rivalry has ended,but that series was the greatest. Also called one of the greatest come backs of all time. The Lakers are simply clutch when ever they need to be. Not when it comes to drama though.

1. Derrick Fisher With 0.4 Seconds against Spurs.
Wow, great moment a huge thing in all of sports. every single person in the arena thought it was over then. He nailed it for a shish then ran to get to the plane. Next thing you know Duncan is dissapointed.

Now the Greatest Shooters I like to call it my Fab Five.

5. Reggie Miller
Easy one of the greatest shooters the only reason he is not at number one is Kobe.

4. Steve Nash
That is so true to be Honest it is like John Stockton and Ray Allen with this guy.

. Larry Bird
Even though I hate him so much. He is a great shooter and the great Three point Shooter.

2. Ray Allen
Him to I hate Ray Allen even though I'm gone say a reference You have to give Credit when Credit is do.

He is a great Basketball player and a loyal to any team you never see that now a days. yes, I'm talking to you LeBron.

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