Friday, August 20, 2010

Delonte West loves guns

10 May 2008: DeLonte West # 13 of the Cavaliers  in a second round NBA Basketball playoff game won 108-84, by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Boston Celtics. Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at the Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH. 

It seems like basketball players nowadays, just have to be packing (guns, that is). You never know what might happen when you’re a free agent who probably won’t get picked up in the off-season. Gloria James might sneak up on you.

And when you’re a guy on the run like Delonte West, you have to have protection. I don’t care if you’re over 6 feet tall, and are in really, really good shape (ladies, close your eyes). Things happen.

Apparently, the fuzz didn’t care too much about West’s safety. NBA reports that Delonte West got in some trouble with the law for carrying that extra protection. From

Delonte West, who played last season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been suspended without pay for ten games for pleading guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and wearing, carrying, and transporting a handgun, in violation of the law of the State of Maryland, the NBA announced today.

Oh, I see now. It was Maryland. Well, Delonte, big slap on the wrist. You should know better than to bring a hand gun to Maryland. That’s like bringing lubricant over to LeBron’s mom’s house; it’s not needed. (Okay, I’ll stop.)

Seriously, though. Delonte West isn’t much of a big deal. He’s just another tagged down ball-player, looking to shoot for more attention. (Lame pun, I know.)

Oh well. Let’s hope LeBron’s mom puts Delonte West in the corner before giving him his daily dose of Gloria. Maybe then will he learn his lesson.

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