Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New NBA Blog, "Lights-Out Shooter" Intro

It's pretty hard to forget the importance of basketball fanatics. Without us, the world would suck.

We're pretty darn hardcore. So hardcore, that we're willing to create a blog, just to display our hardcore-ness.

And because we're so hardcore, we promise to keep you updated on our opinions of what's going on in today's NBA world. Not that you care right now. However, my guess is that you will eventually.

First off, a little background: This blog was inspired by a previous blog of mine, that I kind of wish I had started over.

I built a decent blog for a guy who had no idea what he was doing, way back when (wasn't this only like, two years ago?).

But now, it's time to build a monster. Whether you like it or not. And hopefully you'll learn to love "The Shooter" or you'll learn to hate it with all your guts. Either way, we have your attention.

Thanks for listening, people. You'll hear a lot more where that came from

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