Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thunders’ Nenad Krstic uses chair against ‘half-naked Greek’

 I’m not a big fan of brawls. I hate how such graceful basketball players turn into savage beasts, just because they didn’t get that ticky-tack foul they were looking for.

Actually, I’m lying. I love to see a good brawl. And who doesn’t, besides that stickler, David Stern?
So for those like me who love to see dudes go absolutely insane on each other, Nenad Krstic decided to entertain us a bit. Check out the video:

That’s insane. Not only did Krstic manage to run away after looking to get in on some action, but he also threw a chair once he found out he was safe. Very clever, Nenad. Please, do it again. That’s totally the manliest thing you can do.

And while Krstic proved himself to be kind of a complete ass, his coach didn’t seem to think so. From the Associated Press:
[Serbian coach Dustin Ivkovic] said Krstic did not want to hurt Bouroussis with the chair.
"I believe he acted in self-defense and grabbed a chair after some half-naked (Greek) fans rushed into the court," Ivkovic said. "The chair fell from his hand and grazed Bouroussis."
OK, now I understand Krstic. Half-naked Greek fans began to rush him, so Nenad had to run away and throw a chair to fend them off. I don’t know about you, but I’m sticking with the fact that the coach’s tidbit is really bizarre-sounding.

Still, I’d be pretty scared if half-naked dudes came running at me. However, I wouldn’t be attempting to punch them in the first place. But that’s just me.

Well, at least Krstic isn’t taking full responsibility for his actions:
"I don't know the rules, but I hope I won't be punished," he said. "An (act of) stupidity was committed, and I hope they will not punish us. The Greeks started the brawl, there were no guards and the (Greek) fans entered the court ... If they punish me, they must do it to others as well."
Oh, the classic, “He started it, not me!” plea. Save it Krstic. Those half-naked Greeks were just being friendly, and you had to go and throw a chair at them. You make me sick.
Oh well. Last time I ever ponder taking off most of my clothes while rushing at another man.

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