Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don’t let Joakim Noah go, Bulls

Trades can be pretty bad, depending on who you ask, especially if you’re asking an old Grizzlies’ fan. 

And with the talk of Carmelo Anthony leaving Denver and possibly going to the Bulls, there aren’t many options for Chicago that doesn’t include young center Joakim Noah.

In fact, there’s probably no options whatsoever.

Having said that, let me first say this: We will see that the Bulls’ organization is very 12-year-old boy-ish should they even consider this option. They can’t have a complete basketball-erection at the hearing of the possibility that ‘Melo could join Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer. That’s just stupid (and gross).

Joakim Noah will most likely be the second best (if not, the best) Chicago Bull next season. Although the addition of Carlos Boozer will be a huge asset, he won’t do what Noah does, which is being an inside presence, something that’s pretty much a requirement thanks to the Lakers’ bigs.

Get rid of Noah, and what are you left with? Pretty much a solid team at every position with the exception of the most important one.

Without Noah, Derrick Rose doesn’t have the freedom to drive inside the paint that he normally would, Carlos Boozer can’t shoot mid-rangers comfortably, Kyle Korver can’t shoot threes without his rebounding machine and Chicago fans would cry.

But go ahead, Bulls. Get rid of Joakim Noah. He’s got too much potential. Have your basketball-orgasm and run away with Carmelo.


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  1. who whould trade joe hopfly he talks to suns