Thursday, October 7, 2010

This NBA season will have some of the ‘greatest basketball ever said,” says David Stern

David Stern always seems like that kind of guy that you just want to punch right in the ovaries.

And while he's usually a guy you try not to listen to, this might be one of the few times he might actually be right. From the Associated Press:

Stern says, "We're going to have, really, our most successful season. I don't think it's good guys and bad guys. I think you're going to be getting to see some of the greatest basketball ever played."

Finally, David Stern. We were getting sick of you complaining about players for awhile, now.

Either way, I’m going to have to (reluctantly) agree with David Stern here. This NBA season could include some of the greatest basketball season ever played. And not just because the Three Musketeers (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh) are supposed to be good, but because the Lakers are still in their prime, the Celtics have gotten better, the Orlando Magic are the Orlando Magic and the Hawks still have Joe Johnson (insert eye-roll here).

We should see quite the awesome season, you guys. And competition will be flying everywhere, like a loose booger.

If this NBA season sucks, however, we can point the finger at David Stern and his ovaries.

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