Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carmelo Anthony is thinking about where he wants to go

Carmelo Anthony: Dude, I'm so good you know? I'm like the baddest-ass player ever. I can hold this pose forever, and teams will still want me you know? I'm soooo good. You know? You know what I mean? I make teams hot and steamy, you know? I can shoot good and stuff.And I like tattoos. Everywhere. You know? I think I want to go to Miami.  Take my talents to South Beach. Could happen. They can use some help. A lot of it. You know what I mean? For serious. That's it. It's settled. I'm going to Miami. I can turn that team to a good one. They need me. I'm sooo good. You know?

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  1. alright if you think suns stink somthings wrong with your head