Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baron Davis is telling Monta Ellis a secret

Baron Davis: Psst! Hey, Monta! Guess what, brotha'?
Monta' Ellis: Whatchu want, man?
Baron: Guess!
Monta': What the hell you want, bruh?
Baron: I'm playing in L.A.!
Monta: Yeah, for the weak-ass Clippers.
Baron: The owners tell us that if we make the playoffs, he's trading all of us.
Monta: Yeah, mine too.
Baron: That just means we don't get to work as long as Kobe does.
Monta: Yeah, man. I ain't about to play more than what my contract is asking me to.
Baron: I know. I feel for KB, you know? He has to play for an extra month. That's some bullshit.
Monta: Yeah..
Baron: A'ight, man. I'll hitchu up later. Probably when my "injury time" is.
Monta: Injury time?
Baron: Yeah, the owner tells us we have to sit out for at least a few months with an injury. He wants to make sure we don't work too hard.
Monta: Lucky..

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  1. well barons stuipid like kobe bryant