Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phil Jackson thinks the Lakers are "behind on the eight ball"

You know how crazy things can get in Los Angeles. When we're talking parties, people in L.A. don't mess around.

And while the Lakers aren't in Los Angeles right now, they're bringing the Hollywood to Barcelona. From
So far, the team has gotten the promotion part of the trip down pat. They're still waiting for the basketball part to kick in.
"We're doing pretty good in the NBA Cares clinics, we're not doing so great with our own practices," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said after the team's practice at the Palau St. Jordi on Wednesday. "Five guys missed the team bus this morning. I'd blame Pau [Gasol] for that but we won't hold it against him. He took them out last night and showed them some of the sights in Barcelona. So, we got a little bit behind the eight ball, I think, on this trip."
Blame Pau Gasol. Typical Phil Jackson, blaming those Spaniards. Sure, he took the Lakers' squad to go out and party late at night before practice, but it isn't like Pau is holding guns to anyone's heads or anything.

Either way, Hollywood is as Hollywood does, guys. I'm not so sure about Phil Jackson being upset. How do we know he didn't party hard in Barcelona either? We don't, so for now, we'll assume he has.

Oh well. At least we now know Pau Gasol likes to party, too. With those post-game interviews, you would think he'd rather be in his hotel room, listening to Los Tigres del Norte. Such great tunes, guys.

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