Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Bash

Hey, weekly bash you now I'm going after the non-veteran team the Miami Heat Well I'm at I'll tell you my picks for semi finals. So let's go with the weekly post. Alright weekly bash first.

Yo LeBron when you get a person who has the respect you and chant MVP the time you go to the line. Tell me how much fans love you. Plus when you stop getting treated diffrently by the NBA cause you guys are making money, and you win a title with out help then you guys are good. You arn't gone get a title with out D Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Bibby, and Mario Chalmers.

Hey bosh get back your braids cause now you look like a alian that area 51 is after. Plus you rebound like a girl. Shaq shoots better than you evan at the 3 point line he is better.

By the way D wade get better dance moves and stop giggling around everywhere kids like me watch you and laugh at your moves.

Mario Chalmers I have no problem with you, and shoots great 3's some time in your carrer you will be great like Ray Allen as much it kills me to say Ray Allen is good.

Looks like the Lakers vs mavs in game 6.I feel like lakers can do it again, but the team that plays Lakers will be a tough team no matter if the play Hawks. My key guy is THE BLACK MAMBA KOBE BRYANT. He will be do great against the Dallas mavs with his ankle. Mama there goes that Man.

Heat vs Celtics I hate both teams but I'll take Celtics game 7 just because Paul peirce will just click. so thats the key player is.

Next game Thunder vs Grizzles but last time I under rated them. I think every one did . so I'll take memphis in 7. key man Zach randolph I think this guy is athletic. Well every one is athletic and young.

Atlana vs chicago Atlana in game 7. I feel Atlana will dominat the paint and cluch times with Crawford. My key man Crawford.

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