Saturday, April 9, 2011

playoff time

It's playoffs and one of the matches include Spurs vs Grizzlies. I say 4-0 San Antonio. Their key player is Tony Parker for his lay ups. Lakers vs. Hornets. I am taking the lakers 4-1 lakers have been more dominate in the paint. there key player is Andrew Bynum for him dominating in the paint. The winner of Dallas mavericks vs the Portland trail blazers is the winner of that series is the Dallas mavericks 4-2. top dog is dirk nowvizki he does well on the paint and the screen only forward that shoots 27.0 points per game. On Oklahoma thunder vs Denver nuggets the winner of that series is the young team Oklahoma city Thunder 4-2 huge man is the most athletic man is Kevin Durant for his ability to drive straight down the middle. In the eastern Miami Heat vs new york knicks It's gonna be a good series 4-2 Miami Heat trust me not a big fan of Miami but it is reality. only problem you have so much talent but no one in clutch now they give it to Mario Chalmers in clutch if you give it to wade he is gonna do something stupid. leBron James is gonna air ball it crise bosh looks to much like a alien to even shoot so now it's Mario Chalmers as thier clutch man. Am I getting punk'd or something you have 4 men and you go with a role player. You know what I'am tired of people saying what the arn't I know they are not going to the Finals not goingpast the second round tey are not going to even get close. If they do they are not gone win cause the LA LAKERS will stop them. Plus they will get there three-peat no one will stop them.

Alright then for some reason playoffs make a guy crazy like indianoplis colts coach always said playoffs don't talk to me about playoffs playoffs.

Next, playoff game is Atlanta vs Magic wow tough disscion Iam gone take Atlanta hawks wait should go for Atlanta Magic seems so solid. Stop yealing at me It's hard disscion no Iwill not pick randomly.

Yes I'll hurry up bye mom wait what do I have for lunch. My agent said go for the ORLANDO MAGIC key player is the red hot D'WRIGHT HOWARD for his outstanding rebouns let's make some noise superman (all so for his amazing dunks) .

Next Chicgo vs Ingiana pacers

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